White Dolphin By Gill Lewis (Questions/Answers Chapters 23-24)

Chapter 23

Q. Narrate the incident of Kara guiding/escorting the mother Dolphin to meet her calf.

Ans. Kara quietly reaches the shore in the middle of the night and steps into the water. Soon she feels the existence of the mother Dolphin. The Dolphin appears to be an underwater angel to Kara. Kara starts moving toward the tidal pool and the mother Dolphin surfaces beside her. She keeps on whistling to alert her child. She lets Kara touch the warm smooth skin of her face. Kara keeps close to the line of dark rocks that run out towards the headland. The water below the tidal pool is shallow and strewn with rocks. She is not sure if the mother dolphin can swim close enough to see her calf. She whistles loudly and soon an answer comes from her calf. Then there are more whistles echoing across the water. Carl who is on the night shift hears this and informs Greg. Both of them sound enthralled. After this Kara swims back home. This is how Kara helps the mother dolphin reach her calf.

Chapter 24

Q. Why did Dougie threaten Tom to fire him?

He threatened Tom because the local fishermen couldn’t catch any fish. French and Spanish trawlers were working in the same area. Resultantly, uncle Tom and his team came back empty-handed.

Q. Why do you think Daisy chose the name “Angel” for the calf?

She chose the name ‘Angel’ because she heard from Miss Penluna that dolphins are the Angels of the sea. They are benign, innocent and affectionate.

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