White Dolphin By Gill Lewis (Questions/Answers Chapters 25-27)

Chapter 25

Q. Do you think the involvement of school administration, children and locals will help pressurize the trawlers owners to continue with the dredging ban? Elaborate on your point of view?

Ans. I believe the involvement of more and more people will certainly help to increase the pressure on trawler owners. They need more and more influential figures to sign the petition. If the majority is in favour to continue with the ban, then the businessmen will be forced to obey the law. The involvement of school children means more innovative and imaginative ideas and support. If the session is conducted in the school conference hall, then the local fishermen will have a chance to raise their voices in a neutral place.

Chapter 26

Q. Why was Felix intrigued when Kara told the Maori name for Dolphin?

Ans. He got intrigued because it might be the password to unlock the USB.

Chapter 27

Q. How was Dougie able to grab the attention of the audience. 

Ans: He is quite audible and clear. He uses uncomplicated language which is easy to comprehend. He is conscious that there are so many tourists present in the hall so he tempts them by talking about fresh scallops and fish. He says that fishing is the heart of this town. He compares dredging the reef with farmers ploughing their fields. Both of them are indispensable for life. He proved through his speech that he is a good speaker.


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