Brother In The Land Act I Scene 4


Scene 4: The scene sets at Kershaw’s Farm. The apprehensions of Mary and Mrs Troy are true. A Civil Defense Team has been set up (“Civil Defense Team” protects civilians from natural and other disasters).


The establishment of the CDS (Civil Defense Team) indicates that the bombs are a serious concern and the mass (the people) is ignorant of private matters. Renton is giving a serious speech to the soldiers about how to deal with radiation, get supplies with ease, come out of the shelters after the radiation is over, etc. Strangely, the CDS only keeps these demonstrations to themselves. It seems they are not planning to save innocent civilians; rather, all their efforts are to save their lives in the event of any nuclear attack. Secretively, they are storing supplies of food and water. This demonstrates that they are only concerned with their survival and have no regard for the well-being of other people. This discussion continues until, all of a sudden, the lights go out, a warning siren sounds, and it becomes obvious that bombs are approaching.

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