Brother In The Land Act II Scene 1 (Summary)

Background information: 

Danny had been staying in school that day in detention. He was the last student to leave school. He seeks shelter in a small shelter close to Kershaw’s Farm as it begins to pour heavily as he makes his way home. The nuclear bombs detonate then abruptly. He falls asleep because of fatigue and extreme fear. He notices the glare of the alarms and warning sirens on the hill when he awakens. He falls asleep once more, and when he awakens, he frets that he may be sick from radiation.


Danny wakes up and makes his way home. All around him, he sees the devastation. Many buildings have been demolished. He cleans his body with his sweatshirt, ignoring the instructions Mr Rhodes gave in the assembly. This means that during the assembly he was not attentive, and now he has to face that situation and act accordingly. Danny is walking down the street towards his home. The bombs have destroyed everything. The people who made it to the shelters have survived. Danny notices Andrew’s father, Mr Bukowsky, who has gone mad. Here the definition of “spacer” is denoted (a spacer is someone who has gone mad after the bomb attack).

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