Brother In The Land Act II Scene 2

Background Information: 

Danny reaches home and tries to find his parents and brother. It seems that they are the only people he wants to see the most right now. He goes into the cellar and sees Ben sleeping. Then his father comes and tries to kill him as he doesn’t know it is Danny.


His father finds out that it is Danny and embraces him. Then Danny tells him what happened to him. He informs him that he was late for school because Rhodes had given him detention. Danny’s father then gives him the shocking news of her mother’s death. Danny behaves as if he didn’t care. Then he realizes he has lost his beloved mother and she won’t be coming back again. He knows he can not survive without her. Then he finally acts as if he doesn’t care that much as thousands of people lost their lives due to the nuclear attack. His father tells him she could not bear the radiation as she was not in the cellar when the nuclear bombs hit Skipley.

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