Brother In The Land Act II Scene 3

Scene 3

Background Information

The Civil Defense Team is still in the bunker and is in shock and panic about the bomb. They can’t estimate how many people have lost their lives or how many severely injured people will have to be treated.


Councillor Walker is crying and denying there have been bombs. Frank Finch (the Commissioner; highest ranked amongst the CDT) tells her that the bombs have actually been dropped. We learn that not even the CDT was ready for the bombing and was even unaware of it. Different sergeants (Lightfowler, Stroud, and Laycock) are conversing with one another, which implies that they are plotting something grotesque.

Scene 4

Background Information

The survivors of Skipley have gathered to get supplies from a camp set up by the Civil Defense Team. Danny and Andrew are waiting in line at the community well for water.


Danny and Andrew are discussing the mental condition of their fathers. Mr Bukowsky, Andrews’ father, has lost his mind from shock and turned into a spacer. This might have happened because, unlike Danny’s father, he lost more than just his wife. 

Then Kim, a  new character, appears. We discover the following about Kim’s personality in this scene. She is courageous and valiant. She can do anything to survive. Kim is evading Chris and Tracey, two former classmates while carrying some food in a sack. Kim wins a fight, and Danny takes her away; however, Kim turns around and tries to kill Chris. She is stopped by Danny because he opposes violence. This demonstrates that Danny is still ignorant of life’s realities, such as the Civil Defense Team’s plans and the fact that people have begun killing one another for food, etc. When he tells Kim that he owns a store and has food in storage, we can see that he is still young and immature.

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