Brother in the land Act II Summary Scene 7-9

Scene 7

Background Information

The Civil Defense Team has arranged food rations for the citizens. There are two lines side by side. Able-bodied people (healthy) are standing all in one queue. The rest of the people who are spacers, injured or sick are in another line. This scene creates a melancholic and heart-wrenching effect.


Danny and the other youngsters believe that the CDT feeds the injured people well so they would recover. This point is proved wrong when Ken goes to the other line, eats the food, and passes away later. After some time, Charlie who is a friend of Danny tells him that people have started “badger-hunting”. Hunger and misery forced the citizens to steal food after harassing innocent people. This is a ruse, in reality. Charlie refers to common folks as “badgers.” This demonstrates how modern society treats people like animals. Survival of the Fittest has begun and the concept of humanity has ended. Since Danny is still innocent, Charlie can easily fool him.

Scene 8:

Background Information

Charlie and Danny are headed out to look for “badgers.” People are called badgers. Danny is still dumb and doesn’t realize that they are going to hunt people. They reach the house of Sophie Cartwright.

They arrive at Sophie’s home. Danny continues to believe that they are badger hunters. Charlie implores Danny to put a smoke device inside the shelter Sophie’s family built. He already has all of the essential tools and strategies on hand, such as the club and smoke device, demonstrating his experience and prior performance. The smoke forces Mr Cartwright (Sophie’s father) to move out of their shelter. Danny suddenly strikes Charlie and takes the weapon. He is now in command. He demands supplies, and the Cartwright family comes out. Danny becomes hard-lined and very assertive. When Sophie steps forward, Danny is surprised. She queries whether this is how he was responding to “her invitation” (for her birthday party). Danny questions when her birthday was. This demonstrates that during the “Survival of the Fittest,” people have even forgotten the date and time. Also, when Sophie tells her father about Danny, Danny responds, saying, “He can’t help you Sophie….. not this time.”  Which implies that money is no longer substantial. Danny then flees. Mr Cartwright shoots Charlie. Danny is in a state of shock. He drops the bag and flees.

Scene 9: 

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