Brother In The Land ( Summary Of Chapter 1-2 Act III)

Background Information Of Scene: 1

During the first scene, Danny and Ben are desperately searching for help. Danny was disgusted with the world and Rhodes since he murdered Danny’s father.


Branwell (Branwell and Danny have met in the previous scene) welcomes them and tells him about MASADA. Kate, Kim’s sister, is introduced. Danny complains that “there has already been too much fighting,” meaning he is sick and tired of the world’s deceit and lies and just wants things to end. Danny then goes to sleep and dreams. The Shadow Chorus enters and plays a role. While Danny battles them with flowers, they behave in a way that symbolizes the evil in the world (this is nothing to laugh about, he is doing it because it represents that he is trying to counter evil with good). Then the flowers are removed from him. Remembering that this is still a dream, his mother and father then appear, and they extend a loving greeting to him. This demonstrates that he still needs them and remembers them. He also desires the emergence of Peace. The person he sees when he wakes up after his parents have left is Kim, indicating that he must survive with Kim. He accepts Kim’s invitation to the MASADA canteen.


Background Information Of Scene 2: Councilor Walker is leading a choir of soldiers as they perform patriotic songs. After they’re done, the audience applauds and cheers.


Finch commends the choir as well as councilor Walker. But even as he attempts to encourage them, he acknowledges or reminds them that the previous several months had been extremely stressful and that they had not had a minute to enjoy themselves. But, having said that, he is grateful for most of the things that are happening for their benefit. He says that they would be administering the farm to ensure that they have enough supply of food to survive. (Keeping in mind that during the war food supply is restricted and civilians have to strive to get food). Additionally, Finch reports that he discovered beverages in old man Kershaw’s cellar and that they would be opening some to recognize the difficulties the soldiers had encountered.

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