Brother In The Land (Act III Scenes 3-4)

 Brother In The Land (Act III Scene 3)
Background Information:

The people are singing “Silent Night” at MASADA. Danny appears and addresses the audience.


According to Danny, they had lived with Branwell for a long time. Danny is confident that the Skipley survivors have planted crops on the farm and poisoned the well to force the weak into labor. Kim walks in and takes stock of the scene. Danny has developed feelings for Kim and wants to share them with her but somehow he is hesitant.  After briefly exchanging glances, Kim cuts him off by revealing that she was involved in the ambush. Danny informs her of how risky an ambush may be for her. Kim, though, doesn’t seem to be afraid any longer. We require more weapons, she asserts. Her statements make it abundantly evident that they need additional troops to combat a shared foe.

Act III Scene 4

Background Information: The scene is set in the Ambush. Rhodes is explaining the details of the ambush plans to his squad. He has four bowls made of gray plastic.


Rhodes intends to deceive the automobiles by placing those plastic bowls on the road. Danny surprises Kim by showing up there, and Danny asks Rhodes, “What if they drive around the vehicle?” Rhodes just replied, “Run.” The Shadow Chorus emerges on the screen in the form of an armored vehicle. The strategy was successful, and one soldier was killed in the ambush. However, the plan failed, and Danny and Kim were caught.

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